Driver Job Description

Driver Preferred Qualifications & Application for Employment with Tremmel-Anderson Trucking:

  • Current CDL – Endorsement - B - on license
  • 2-4 years quad axle dump truck experience required
  • Meet all federal motor carrier D.O.T requirements and safety qualifications
  • Pass D.O.T. pre-employment physical and drug screen at our authorized clinic
  • Must supply copy of valid driver license (Front & Back)
  • Copy of Social Security card (must be attached to Federal I-9 forms)
  • Copy of Federal Medical card (unless exempt by grandfather law)
  • Tremmel-Anderson Trucking is an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Women and Minorities are encouraged to apply!

Training Program

Tremmel-Anderson Trucking LLC has always taken the time to provide an opportunity to speak with potential employees who are looking to enter our dump truck family. We are looking for dependable & experienced employees who can honor the commitment that is required to uphold the high standard of service our customers/contractors have grown accustom to. All drivers must be able to read and speak English well enough to read road signs, prepare reports, and communicate with law enforcement officers and the public. Please refer to list below for requested requirements to apply for employment with Tremmel-Anderson Trucking LLC. 

Training Provide to Employees: 

  • Knowledge and understanding to perform DOT required pre-trip and post- trip inspections paper work
  • Snowplowing (if needed)
  • Snow removal in quad axle dump (if needed)
  • Paving in quad axle dump truck (if needed)
  • Working under a milling machine (if needed)
  • Dumping into a shouldering machine (if needed)
  • Skid steer operations (if needed)
  • General mechanics for basic repairs during the work day
  • Knowledge of how to grease quad axle dump trucks, at critical pivot points
  • Proper work ticket completion

Tremmel-Anderson Trucking LLC strongly urges qualified women and minority candidates to apply for employment.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

The employment policies and practices of Tremmel-Anderson Trucking are designed to recruit and to hire employees; in order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions at Tremmel-Anderson Trucking LLC will NOT be basedn on religious beliefs, age, disability, national origin, ancestry, marital status, race, color, creed, gender/sex, sexual orientation, use of lawful products, arrest or conviction record, honesty testing, pregnancy or child birth, genetic testing, military service membership, veteran status, in hiring, placement, promotions, upgrades, transfer or demotion, layoffs, terminations, rehires, rates, recruitment, advertising or solicitation for employment, treatment during employment, rate of pay or other forms of compensation, or selection for training including apprenticeship and on the job training. Tremmel-Anderson Trucking LLC commits to this policy to assure compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Federal Executive Order No. 11246 and/or other subsequent orders that may pertain to this program and other State statutes and Federal Laws and/or other subsequent orders that may pertain to this program, and to reaffirm our continued commitment to a program of equal employment opportunity and merit employment policies.

We will exercise leadership within the community and put forth a maximum effort to achieve full employment and utilization of the capabilities and productivity of all our citizens without regard to race, creed, color, sex, or national origin. Employees are urged to refer qualified women and minority candidates to apply for employment.

Tremmel-Anderson Trucking further recognizes that the effective application of a policy of merit employment involves more than just a policy statement and will, therefore, undertake a program of affirmative action to make known that equal employment opportunities are available on the basis of individual merit and to encourage all persons to seek employment with the company and to strive for advancement of this basis.

We expect all subcontractors, lessees, venders, suppliers, and trucking firms, where applicable, to comply with our Equal Opportunity Program and further comply with all Federal and State guidelines regarding equal opportunity employment.

Tremmel-Anderson Trucking has appointed Theresa Tremmel-Anderson as the EEO Officer. Any suspected violations of this policy should be reported to her as soon as possible, or a complaint maybe filed directly with the appropriate agencies lists can be acquired from Theresa Tremmel-Anderson.

Job Description: Truck Driver Duties Include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving any designated or instructed dump truck at any requested time or location, day or night shifts. Agreed driving wages will be paid on verified ticket time. During winter months of employment, snowplowing & skid steer operations may also be required if employee is qualified (we can train in this area). Sunday - Saturday is the average work week and are considered required work days. When you are done on the job for that day, you are required to call into the office prior to leaving that job, as you may be dispatched to another job.
  • Checking all fluids, tire pressures, and performing a daily pre-trip & post-trip safety inspection is mandatory & required before reporting to job site for the day. You must be physically fit to keep you dump box clean at all times (unless otherwise arranged). General mechanics are encouraged for basic repairs during the work day. Trucks are to be kept CLEAN and orderly. Knowledge of how to grease a truck is also helpful (we are willing to train in this area).
  • All repairs preformed or needed must be reported to Theresa Tremmel-Anderson as well as all time performing mechanical duties or miscellaneous work requested by Tremmel-Anderson Trucking LLC. It is the employee’s responsibility to turn shop time sheets into Theresa Tremmel-Anderson for payment; if time is not charged it will be assumed as donated time & labor. Salary for shop time & travel time will be disclosed in hiring letter.

Failure to perform required duties may result in a deduction on agreed upon wage in which you were hired. Any reduction in hourly wage will be given after two verbal warnings & will be submitted to employee in writing by Theresa Tremmel-Anderson & placed into employee’s file. Days off must be requested in writing. Forms for requests will be kept in office and are available. Approval by Theresa Tremmel-Anderson must be given before taking off.

Timesheet Instructions:

All fuel receipts, weekly tickets & time sheets are expected to be turned in by 6:00 PM Sunday afternoon. Any delay in receiving timesheets can result in delay on weekly paycheck. Post and Pre trip inspection sheets are to be turned in every Wednesday, to allow proper & timely maintenance to be preformed. Any requests for reimbursement must be turned in with timesheets on proper reimbursement form. All reimbursement payments will be dispersed along with weekly payroll checks. All payroll or reimbursement checks will be issued & ready to be released every Monday. Employee must inform employer in what fashion to disperse their weekly payroll checks; mailed or picked up.